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Shipping with DeepCryo

When shipping with DeepCryo,  you can rest knowing that your shipment is in the best of hands.

Our vapor shippers are sanitized before and after each use.  They are tested regularly to insure they are in proper condition by industry standards.  Each one has a detailed history of testing and maintenance.  

You will also be able to track in real time the location and temperature of your shipment.  

Real Time Tracking

With the launch of the Cryo Sentry, we are excited to bring our customers a new way to monitor cold chain logistics


The Deep Portal gives you control over your status by directly linking you with your shipment.  With our new, live view monitoring options that allow you to keep an even closer eye on your shipment.  You can access temperature data, precise location, and even shipment orientation. For more peace of mind, we offer all of our clients the red carpet customer support treatment. We understand just how important keeping track of your shipment is to you so we treat each one as one of our own.   

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